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Marvel star Jeremy Renner was hospitalized after snow removal

2 января 2023, 07:38
American actor Jeremy Renner (pictured) is hospitalized in critical condition after a snow removal accident. His representative spoke about the critical but stable condition of the movie star. This was announced on Sunday by the Deadline portal.

"[Renner] is in critical but stable condition, earlier today, during snow removal, he was injured in an accident related to weather conditions," Renner's representative said in an interview with Deadline (quoted by TASS).According to the publication, the incident occurred near the city of Reno, Nevada, which was hit by a snowstorm during the Christmas holidays.

What happened to the actor is not specified, but it is said about his delivery to the hospital by air. A representative of Renner said that the hospitalized person is "being taken care of at an excellent level," and his family is next to him.Jeremy Renner is 51 years old.

He is known for his role as Hawkeye in the Marvel universe films, and is also a two-time Oscar nominee.