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The British government is holding a competition to replace nuclear fuel from the Russian Federation

2 января 2023, 12:09
The UK government has been searching for an alternative to Russian nuclear fuel in order to strengthen the country's energy security. The website of the British Cabinet of Ministers published a message about the holding of the relevant competition.

"The new investment fund will strengthen energy security by stimulating investments in the development and commercialization of local nuclear fuel production, including advanced fuel technologies", - the British government said in an announcement (quoted by RIA Novosti).

A message on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers of Great Britain says that 75 million pounds were allocated to develop an alternative to Russian fuel and strengthen the country's self-sufficiency.

At the same time, 25 million will be distributed among uranium enrichment and reprocessing companies, and 50 million pounds will be received by the winners of the competition for the production of new fuels, including low-enriched uranium. The document notes that Russia represents about 20% of the uranium processing capacity, as well as 40% of its enrichment capacity. Deputy Minister for Energy and Climate Graham Stewart believes that this investment will increase the energy security of the UK. In his opinion, the decision will contribute to the growth of jobs and export opportunities, as well as ensure the supply of fuel to support the nuclear fleet.