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A fisherwoman, an ice cream maker, a soldier: all the blondes from the pieces with Putin are named

3 января 2023, 11:53
The serviceman who starred in President Putin's New Year's address is Anna Sergeyevna Sidorenko, the captain of the medical service of the 71st Motorized Rifle Regiment of the 42nd division of the 58th Army of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

It seemed to many that the blonde who flashed on the screen at the end of 2022 looked very much like Yekaterina Safronova, from whom the president bought ice cream twice at Maks air shows a few years ago. She also reminds a participant of fishing with Putin on Lake Ilmen in the Novgorod region. 

The author of the Livejournal "Citizen of Donbass" he told the story of all three blondes who got into the frame with the president of Russia.  The author of LJ believes that the "conspiracy critics" were mistaken, claiming that one person acts in three guises. 

"With fishermen on Lake Ilmen in the Novgorod region in September 2016 and at the Christmas service in January 2017 in the St. George Monastery of the same Novgorod region, followed by a tea party, was Larisa Borisovna Sergukhina, the owner of the said fishing enterprise, as well as the deputy director of the company "Eurohimservice" and, yes, the regional deputy from "Edro", - writes "Citizen of Donbass".

Ice cream was sold to Putin in 2017 and 2019 by manager Yekaterina Safronova. 

"Well, the New Year's awarded the Order of Courage participant of the Code is the captain of the medical service of the 71st motorized rifle regiment of the 42nd division of the 58th Army of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Anna Sergeyevna Sidorenko", - says the author of the post in LiveJournal. 

Putin's New Year's address was recorded for the first time not against the background of the Moscow Kremlin, but surrounded by the military. Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told RIA Novosti that the appeal was recorded at the headquarters of the Southern Military District (SE) in Rostov-on-Don. Putin's speech lasted nine minutes; and it became a record duration. Previously, a six-minute speech was considered the longest, in which the head of state congratulated the Russians on the onset of 2021.