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To ban and deprive of titles: State Duma deputies demand to punish singer Valery Meladze

3 января 2023, 12:16
The politician Sergey Mironov proposed to deprive the singer Valery Meladze of "all the titles he has". The head of the faction "Fair Russia - For the Truth" Mironov was supported by State Duma deputy Yelena Drapeko.

This is how the parliamentarians reacted to Meladze's speech at a corporate party in Dubai, where he uttered the remark "glory to the heroes".

"At one of the parties abroad, the singer Valery Meladze supported the Ukrainian nationalist slogan. Then, however, he added that he was "out of politics". But organizing parties outside the country, and even supporting criminal chants – is this "out of politics"? His behavior is reprehensible. A truly Russian artist cannot and should not behave like this. He is sitting on two chairs, trying to "snatch" from all sides. It's time to decide. Although, judging by his behavior, this "artist" chose his side", - Sergey Mironov wrote in his tg channel and suggested depriving the singer of all his titles. "It will be fair and just", - Mironov summed up. Yelena Drapeko said that after such words Valery Meladze should be recognized as a foreign agent and banned from entering Russia.

And Senator Afanasyeva proposed to deprive him of his citizenship. Meladze, by the way, holds the title of Honored Artist of Russia and People's Artist of the Chechen Republic.

We also recall that Valery Meladze's brother, Konstantin Meladze, is married to singer Vera Brezhneva, who publicly condemned her.