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The postman comes twice: new rules for the delivery of pensions came into force in 2023

3 января 2023, 12:07
Associate Professor of the Department of Statistics of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics Olga Lebedinskaya, in an interview with the publication "Prime", told about the new conditions for the delivery of pensions. Changes to the "Rules for Pension payments" are in effect in the Russian Federation from January 1. Now the postman will bring the pension again if the recipient was not at home.

According to the old rules, the recipient had only one attempt per month to receive a pension at home. If the pensioner was not at home at the time of the postman's arrival, then it was necessary to go to the post office for payment or wait for the next month — valid reasons for absence were not accepted. The alternative is the issuance of a power of attorney. According to the new rules, the procedure for receiving payments has become more convenient for recipients, and the postman will re-deliver the pension.

"Now the postman, in the absence of the pension recipient at home, is obliged to come to him at least twice more, notifying him in advance about the visit.

The deadline is the 25th of every month, regardless of the schedule", - Lebedinskaya explained in an interview with Prime.

She added that if a pensioner has not received a pension for 6 months in a row, the delivery of payments to the house is suspended, and for its resumption it is necessary to write an application to the Pension Fund.

The economist also noted that another innovation is planned during the year.

In particular, from April 2023, the post office will become a monopoly on the delivery of pensions to the home in cash. According to the agency interlocutor, this will lead to an increase in the number of clients of the state-owned company by 1.5 million people.