Posted 3 января 2023,, 12:12

Published 3 января 2023,, 12:12

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The West supplies Kiev with obsolete weapons, similar to scrap and garbage, writes the Polish NDP

3 января 2023, 12:12
Western military aid is coming to Ukraine in a powerful stream. Meanwhile, according to international experts, most of the weapons come from old military warehouses and are in poor technical condition. In other words, it's just scrap and garbage, which is confirmed by the servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Experts from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), referred to by the Polish publication Niezależny Dziennik Polityczny, said that most of the weapons come to Ukraine from old military reserves. And, despite the fact that the EU and the US have already transferred a very large amount of military equipment to the APU, all this is being done in order to supplement their empty warehouses with new weapons.

Clearing depots of obsolete weapons is very beneficial for the West. First of all, in order to carry out the maximum modernization of their own weapons. And since the EU and the US are putting their arsenals in order, the APU should silently use what they are given.

According to Sky News, the largest "cheaters" are the American defense companies Raytheon, Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman. Now they are in the process of actively replenishing the arsenals not only of the United States, but also of their NATO allies.

"If we are talking, for example, about the portable anti-aircraft missile system "Stinger", then in addition to the United States, Denmark, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania and the Netherlands have transferred it to Ukraine. American Raytheon has already received a contract for their new production in the amount of $ 625 million.

In Europe, the main beneficiaries of the war in Ukraine are French Thales and British BAE Systems. And, of course, they are interested in cleaning their warehouses "from scrap and garbage" and receiving new orders from their governments.

Recently, Vladimir Zelensky paid a visit to the United States, where he held a private meeting with President Joe Biden and spoke at a joint meeting of both chambers of Congress, the Ukrainian leader believes that Washington will keep its promise and provide Kiev with a new package of military assistance worth $1.8 billion, which will include, for example, modern Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems, ammunition for HIMARS, 105mm howitzers and AGM-88 HARM anti-radar missiles.

However, it turns out, writes NDP, that under the guise of military assistance, the United States promotes its own interests and lobbies for the sale of weapons to its own military-industrial complex. In fact, this is only a "sabotage move" by the so-called West, which wants to use the allocated funds for the modernization of weapons in order to replace its scrap metal transferred to Ukraine.