Posted 3 января 2023,, 14:21

Published 3 января 2023,, 14:21

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US News & World Report: 100 million cases of covid infection have been counted in the USA

3 января 2023, 14:21
The number of cases of coronavirus infection in the United States has exceeded 100 million. This means that at least 1 million people get sick every day across the country. This is the largest indicator in the world given by scientists from Johns Hopkins University.

Such conclusions shocked the experts themselves, writes the newspaper US News & World Report. After all, it seemed to everyone that due to the spread of the Delta strain, the US record was already broken last week, reaching 590 thousand infected patients. It turns out that in just 10 days, the number of Americans with a serious illness has doubled.

However, the doctors found an excuse: they say that the underestimation is mainly due to rapid tests for COVID-19 at home, the results of which doctors did not always report to health departments. But the missed cases also certainly stemmed from asymptomatic infections that didn't trigger testing or from people choosing not to be tested at all.

According to official data, during the entire pandemic in the United States, 1,088,236 people died from the effects of the coronavirus.

Back in September, I reminded, The White House has requested $22.4 billion. to fight the coronavirus. Federal officials have said funding is critical to help develop and purchase more reliable vaccines that prevent transmission.

Meanwhile, scientists at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have warned that repeated infection with the coronavirus increases the risk of death.

Record numbers for the number of detected infections on the eve of the New Year celebration were recorded in the UK, France, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, Switzerland and China. But these indicators are usually unknown to the general public.