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Vladimir Putin signed a decree on additional social guarantees for military personnel

3 января 2023, 14:48
Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on additional social guarantees for military personnel, persons with special police ranks serving in the troops of the Russian Guard, and their family members.

According to the text of the published presidential decree, the families of the deceased servicemen and employees of the Rosgvardiya during the special operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine will be paid 5 million rubles in the form of a lump sum. The amount will be distributed among family members in equal shares."Military personnel and persons with special ranks of the police who are (have been) military service (service) in the troops of the National Guard of the Russian Federation, performing (performing) tasks and injured (wounded, injured, concussed) during their performance, a one—time payment of 3 million rubles is carried out," the presidential decree says.

In addition, when performing tasks during a special operation, 1 day will be counted for 2 days in the length of service for the appointment of a pension on preferential terms, and in case of injury, the period of treatment in medical institutions will be counted at the rate of a month of service for two months.

The organization of financing payments provided for by the decree is entrusted to the Government of the Russian Federation.

It is noted that the receipt of lump-sum payments is not taken into account when determining the right to receive other payments and when providing social support measures provided for by Russian legislation and the legislation of the subjects of the Russian Federation.The decree comes into force from the date of signing, and also applies to legal relations, starting from February 24, 2022.

The document is posted on the official portal of legal information.