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Actors of the film "Romeo and Juliet" accused Paramount of sexual exploitation

4 января 2023, 13:14
The performers of the main roles demand $ 100 million.

Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey, who starred in the 1968 Hollywood film Romeo and Juliet, sued Paramount Pitcures. According to RBC, the actors accuse the company of sexual harassment and sexual exploitation, fraud, negligence, unfair business practices, intentional infliction of moral damage, misappropriation of name and image.

At the time of filming, the plaintiffs were 16 and 15 years old, now the actors are over 70. The lawsuit notes that the director forced them to appear naked in a bed scene, although before that there were agreements that they would be wearing flesh-colored underwear.

"The defendants misled and secretly filmed scenes with nude or partially nude underage children without their knowledge in violation of the laws of the state of California and federal laws," the lawsuit says.The film's box office receipts exceeded $ 500 million.

But now the artists are demanding 100 million from Paramount Studios, insisting that the director's actions led to loss of income, medical expenses, disability and other material and non-material damage.