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Published 4 января 06:12

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In Uzbekistan, 400 people were evacuated from a closed pass due to snowfall

4 января 2023, 06:12
About four hundred people were evacuated on January 4 from the Kamchik pass in Uzbekistan. The evacuation was carried out by employees of Uzbek Railways by special trains. The pass is closed due to heavy snowfall.

According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Uzbekistan, on the night of January 4, the A-373 international highway was temporarily closed due to heavy snowfall and avalanche danger. The issue of evacuation of people stuck on the way was taken up by a specially created operational headquarters. A special train flight No. 902 was organized for the passengers who found themselves on the approaches of the pass. Evacuation is currently underway.

Recall that the only road that connects the eastern regions of the Fergana Valley with other parts of Uzbekistan passes through Kamchik.