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Restaurant prices increased by 20% in 2022

4 января 2023, 06:27
Last year, prices in Russian restaurants increased by an average of 20%, but there was practically no rise in prices in the fast food segment, the Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers of Russia said.

RIA Novosti writes about this, referring to the head of the coordination council of the FRiO Sergey Mironov. Thus, the Meat & Fish network indicated that prices on average in Russia increased by 8%, in Yakitoria — by 7%. The rise in price across the industry, the expert noted, was 15%. Last spring, the rise in prices of products ranged from 70% to 100%, and the withdrawal of foreign suppliers from the Russian market forced restaurant owners to look for alternatives within the country.

The development director of the company-owner of the brand "Yakitoria", the President of FRiO Igor Bukharov, noted that this had been happening since 2014, so "there are no problems." Earlier, Russian restaurants reported a 10% drop in revenue after the announcement of partial mobilization in the country.

Basically, the turnover fell at the establishments of the middle price segment with an average check of 500-900 rubles. In October, restaurateurs complained about the shortage and rise in price of foreign bottled beer.