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A boom in maternity tourism among Russian citizens has begun in Argentina

5 января 2023, 08:26
Last year, 2-2.5 thousand Russians moved to Argentina, many of whom are pregnant and intend to give birth on the territory of a Latin American country, said the head of the consular department of the embassy, Georgy Polin.

In Argentina, there is a real boom in maternity tourism among Russians, writes The Guardian. This year, the number of Russian citizens arriving in Argentina may increase to ten thousand. For Russian citizens arriving in Argentina, visas are not required for 90 danes during each 180-day period.

The head of the agency providing services to pregnant Russians abroad, Eva Pekurova, Buenos Aires is in demand, because Russian citizens do not need a visa to enter, and it is quite easy to extend their stay and apply for a residence permit. Her agency previously offered maternity tours to Miami, but because of the pandemic, the United States closed the border, and military actions in Ukraine further complicated travel for Russians to this country. In January 2020, then-President of the United States Donald Trump tightened the issuance of tourist visas to pregnant women about to give birth in the country.