Posted 5 января 2023,, 09:18

Published 5 января 2023,, 09:18

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A lion attacked a trainer in the Sochi circus

A lion attacked a trainer in the Sochi circus

5 января 2023, 09:18
In the circus in Sochi, during a performance, two male lions decided to find out the relationship right on the arena. When trainer Alexey Makarenko intervened in the conflict of predators, one of the animals attacked him. His wife Olga Borisova managed to save the artist.

Lev attacked Makarenko and knocked him to the floor.

- Male lions are the most difficult and dangerous predators among felines. They are pride animals, they act as a group. One of them stood up for the others today. Is it possible to avoid this? No, - the artist himself wrote in the tg channel. Borisova chased the lion away, and then the circus staff used noise grenades.

Many viewers thought that this was part of the number. Investigators of the Kemerovo region last year conducted a check on the fact of an incident with a bear attack during a performance at a circus in the city of Berezovsky.

It was decided to take the beast itself to mating.