Posted 5 января 2023,, 06:15

Published 5 января 2023,, 06:15

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Anna Azovskaya, the presenter of Russian Radio Vologda, was killed in Moscow

Anna Azovskaya, the presenter of Russian Radio Vologda, was killed in Moscow

5 января 2023, 06:15
The 34-year-old founder and presenter of Russian Radio Vologda, Anna Azovskaya, was killed in Moscow - her body was found in an apartment building on Polina Osipenko Street with at least three dozen stab wounds.

According to RBC, referring to its sources, the police detained a suspect - a 33-year-old roommate of the murdered woman. Investigative actions are being carried out with him. A criminal case has been opened under the article on murder. Azovskaya and the detainee - Vladimir Maklakov, general director of the Kichgorodetsky Forest Company - arrived in the capital for the New Year, lived in a schematic apartment in the north of the city.

There was a conflict between them. Neighbors called law enforcement officers, they broke down the door to the apartment and found the already deceased Azovskaya and Maklakov there. The detainee is Vladimir Maklakov, General Director of the Kichgorodetsky Forest Company.

- According to the accused, on January 3 they quarreled, and he hit the woman several times with a kitchen knife that was in the apartment, after which she tried to hide in the bathroom, but he was able to open the door and continued to strike. The accused also explained that he had consumed alcoholic beverages. He admitted the guilt," the prosecutor's office clarified. Maklakov admitted that he had struck Azov blows on the basis of a sudden hatred, but asked the court to leave him on his own recognizance, assuring that he did not intend to hide.

The court considered otherwise and sent Maklakov to the pre-trial detention center.