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The barricades were dismantled in Kosovo

5 января 2023, 17:12
The North Atlantic Alliance mission in Kosovo RFOR on January 5 completed the dismantling of barricades in the north of the region, NATO reported. Cars blocking the road were evacuated.

"The removal of the last roadblocks was carried out quickly and safely to avoid incidents and other risks to local security," the bloc said in a statement. The escalation in Kosovo began in December after the invasion of more than 350 Kosovo police officers in the north of the province, where mainly Serbs live.

After the arrest of a former Serb policeman by the Kosovars, the Serbs staged protests and built barricades. Belgrade and Pristina have put the armed forces on alert, but the situation has been stabilized.

Serbian leader Aleksandar Vucic said that the country managed to avoid a full-scale conflict after another aggravation of the situation in Kosovo and Metohija.