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Maxim Galkin* at a concert in Dubai pronounced the words in support of Ukraine

5 января 2023, 16:59
The showman Maxim Galkin*, recognized as a foreign agent, pronounced the slogan of Ukrainian nationalists from the stage in Dubai. The Network distributed a video of this moment of the performance.

We are talking about Galkin's concert* in the UAE on January 4. In the video, the artist first tells the audience that he did not hear the cry of one of the spectators, and then in response to her remark, he says loudly: "Glory to the heroes." Earlier, singer Valery Meladze at a corporate party in Dubai, where he uttered the same remark.

Russian politicians have called for Meladze to be stripped of his existing titles - he is an Honored Artist of the Russian Federation and People's Artist of Chechnya. It is also proposed to deprive the artist of Russian citizenship.

"Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!" is a Ukrainian patriotic greeting. It was actively used by the Ukrainian National Liberation movement during the Ukrainian People's Republic. *recognized as a foreign agent