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The organizers of the Australian Open again refused to suspend Russian tennis players

5 января 2023, 09:37
The Tennis Federation of Australia (Tennis Australia) has again stated the immutability of its position regarding the refusal to suspend Russian and Belarusian athletes from the games of the Australian Open.

According to 9News, the position of the organization does not change, despite calls to disqualify Russians and Beolrussians. Tennis players from both countries will participate in a neutral status. This is "fully consistent with the principles outlined by the Australian Minister of Sport."

- Players from Russia and Belarus can participate in international tennis competitions in a neutral status, and so it will be at the Australian Open Tennis Championship in 2023, - the federation said in a statement. Ukrainian Ambassador to Australia Vasyl Miroshnichenko demanded that Tennis Australia not allow tennis players from Russia and Belarus to participate in the Grand Slam tournament.

He called the federation's position "unprincipled." The diplomat threatened to demand removal personally from the head of the organization Craig Tiley.

In turn, the Soviet and Russian tennis player Andrei Olkhovsky is sure that there was no need for another Tennis Australia statement: the Russians have already arrived in Australia and are playing at tournaments that precede the first Australian Open in the calendar year. The statement was made exclusively for the media, the athlete believes.