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Published 6 января 12:42

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A false official promising residents to get bomb shelters appeared in Belgorod

6 января 2023, 12:42
The authorities of the Belgorod region warned residents about the appearance of a fraudster who, under the guise of an employee of the regional administration, spreads fakes about bomb shelters and other issues.

According to the authorities, the attacker registered on social networks under the name "Vladislav Kurpatov" and claims that he is allegedly a "press officer of the administration." At the same time, an unknown person gives unusual answers to the complaints of Belgorod residents.

"He selects appeals from residents of the region on the page of Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov, and then contacts their authors in personal messages," the publication notes .

Thus, he has already managed to send letters to many residents of the region. His answers alerted citizens.

So, one of the local residents who complained to the governor that the entrance to the bomb shelter on Pushkin Street was littered with garbage, a false official in personal correspondence said that shelters in Belgorod would be opened "in case of shelling with large-scale or nuclear weapons." He explained that if you clean out the garbage at the entrance to the shelter now, then homeless people will certainly get there and start "destroying communications at home."

To another complaint about the unfinished repair of the road at USK Khorkina, the "press officer" replied that there were no funds in the budget, so the work was postponed. To the third complaint about the shortage of children's antibiotics in the pharmacy chain, the "administration employee" sent a response stating that all medicines, including children's, are sent to the needs of the SSO.

When the real officials found out about the fraudster's actions, they hurried to expose him. On behalf of the operstab employees, they posted in social networks refutations of the information spread by the swindler. They advised citizens not to trust unknown people in the future and to be vigilant, including when communicating in person on social networks.