Posted 6 января 2023,, 13:27

Published 6 января 2023,, 13:27

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The fight between two Krasnoyarsk drivers at the shopping center became a hit on social networks

The fight between two Krasnoyarsk drivers at the shopping center became a hit on social networks

6 января 2023, 13:27
Two residents of Krasnoyarsk, who staged a fight in the middle of the road at the Vzletka Plaza shopping center, gathered a lot of comments on social networks after the video got into open access.

As the newspaper "Prospekt Mira" notes, the emergency occurred at about 12:30 on January 5 at the intersection of Spring and Take-off in Krasnoyarsk.

In the middle of the road, a conflict arose between two drivers of gray cars. Feeling offended, the driver of the right-hand drive car following behind got out of her vehicle, ran up to the car in front, opened the door, dragged the woman sitting behind the wheel out of the cabin and began to beat her. The rival did not remain in debt: in response, she also began to try to hit the robber and grab her by the hair.

Seeing citizens beating each other at a busy intersection, male passers-by began to run up to the participants of the massacre. They began to try to separate them. Only a team of five people was able to calm down two overly belligerent drivers.

As follows from the recordings from CCTV cameras, the appeals of indifferent passers-by still could not calm the two angry motorists. After the instigator of the fight returned to her car, the lady from the car in front opened the trunk, took out a large bag of flour and generously sprinkled the contents of the pugnacious rival and her car. After that, the instigator again ran out of the salon and attacked the offender with her fists.

It was only after the intervention of a new group of passers-by who were not indifferent to "women's boxing" that the fight between the two rivals on the street was stopped.

After seeing the recording, users of social networks were outraged by the incontinence of road users. Some wondered "if everyone is beaten, who has a gray car," and wondered what caused such a conflict on the road.

"And what if I also do something wrong, it's necessary to learn from other people's mistakes. Or do they beat everyone who has a gray car? Then you definitely need to repaint the car," users wrote.

"Who gives psychopaths rights?" — the townspeople asked.

"They fight like fat cats," the eyewitnesses laughed.

"Deprive both of their rights and never give them away again," the audience suggested.