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Published 6 января 09:46

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The Porshe that has driven into the oncoming traffic crippled eight people in Moscow

6 января 2023, 09:46
On Sevastopol Avenue in Moscow, a Porsche car flew into oncoming traffic, rammed two cars and injured a baby at a pedestrian crossing.

According to the newspaper "Rise", the emergency occurred the night before. A foreign car moving at high speed collided with two cars on the oncoming lane, and the fragments that flew off from it flew into a young mother with a stroller who was crossing the street at a pedestrian crossing.

The moment of the accident was caught on video. The recording shows that the baby carriage overturned from the impact. As a result of the fall, the child was injured.

In addition to the baby, who was in an overturned stroller, seven other people were injured in the accident.

Eyewitnesses of the incident were other pedestrians who tried to help the injured baby.