Posted 6 января 2023,, 08:32

Published 6 января 2023,, 08:32

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The Ukrainian satellite launched by Musk got in touch from space

The Ukrainian satellite launched by Musk got in touch from space

6 января 2023, 08:32
The first Ukrainian satellite EOS SAT 1, part of the EOSDA project, was contacted after a successful launch into orbit: it transmitted telemetry and data on the status of systems.

This is reported by the Noosphere project group. The Ukrainian satellite EOS SAT 1 was delivered to low Earth orbit by a Falcon 9 rocket from SpaceX. The launch took place from the US Space Force base at Cape Canaveral in Florida.

The satellite, developed for the agricultural industry, is designed to study the state of the Earth's surface with a total area of up to 1 million square kilometers. In the coming months, the number of EOS SAT analogues operating in orbit will increase. It is expected that by 2025, Ukrainian agro-satellites will monitor the territory with a total area of up to 12 million square kilometers on a daily basis. Up to 100% of the countries with the largest area of agricultural land and forests will be in their field of vision.

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine continues to cooperate in the space industry not only with the United States, but also with the European Space Agency.

Last December, Arianespace announced the launch of the European Vega-C launch vehicle. The mission was unsuccessful: the rocket, which was supposed to put into orbit two satellites Pleiades Neo 5 and 6, designed to monitor the Earth's surface, could not reach the intended orbit due to an engine failure. The expensive satellites on board were created by the aircraft manufacturer Airbus and filled with high-resolution optics.