Posted 6 января 2023,, 09:28

Published 6 января 2023,, 09:28

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Ukraine has sharply increased its rating among the strongest armies in the world

Ukraine has sharply increased its rating among the strongest armies in the world

6 января 2023, 09:28
According to the conclusions of Global Firepower analysts, the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) have risen by seven lines and entered the top 15 strongest armies in the world, beating Poland, Israel and Australia. The first places are still occupied by the USA, Russia and China.
Russian Army

The Global Firepower portal has published an annual rating of the world's strongest armies based on available firepower. Guided by six dozen separate factors to determine the assessment of each country, the experts analyzed the military potential of 145 world states. This time Ukraine was in the top twenty of the list, which rose to 15th place, although at the beginning of 2022 it occupied the 22nd line of the rating. Experts note that the APU has significantly increased its firepower.

Russia is still on the second line of the rating after the United States and those countries that remain ahead of Ukraine - China, India, Great Britain, North Korea, Pakistan, Japan, France and Italy

Pakistan improved its position in the ranking compared to last year, rising from 9th to 7th place, while Turkey retained 11th. At the same time, countries such as France dropped to the 9th position from the 7th, and Iran to the 17th from the 14th.

Meanwhile, Moldova, Benin and Bhutan became outsiders of the ranking of the most powerful armies in the world.