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Published 6 января 11:07

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Ukrainian consuls will start searching for reservists who have gone abroad

6 января 2023, 11:07
Ukrainians who are abroad were obliged to register for military service in diplomatic institutions in order to return to their homeland in a timely manner during mobilization.

As stated in the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the country, Ukrainian embassies and consulates located abroad during mobilization, during wartime and a special period should facilitate the return to the territory of the republic of conscripts, conscripts and reservists who are on temporary consular registration.

Diplomats will inform all these citizens about the beginning of military conscription in the country.

Earlier it was reported that after the beginning of the military special operation of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine, at least 20% of residents left the republic. Most of them went to Poland, many followed to Germany, France, the Netherlands and other EU countries. Many Governments have called the avalanche of migrants a serious challenge to their economies.