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A boy got injuries in the Moscow subway - the child's head was clamped by the escalator

7 января 2023, 15:15
The incident happened on January 3 at the station "Okruzhnaya" of the Moscow central diameter. The station workers quickly reacted to the incident: they stopped the escalator and called the paramedics.

The press service of the Moscow Railway informed the "Podyem" that the boy violated the safety rules of the metropolitan subway. According to Baza, the boy put his hand on the handrail, and then leaned his head on it. His arm, and then his head, was pulled under the hinged structure.

Now the child is in intensive care with a fracture, dislocation of the lower jaw and multiple bruises of the head and face.

Investigators of the Western Interregional Investigation Department for Transport of the Investigative Committee of Russia are investigating the circumstances of the child's injury. According to investigators, the child leaned on the railing, presumably to look out the window. "At some point, the boy's head got stuck between the railing and the glass fence", - the report says. Upon the incident at the station, a criminal case was initiated under the article on the provision of unsafe services.