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Toilet as a pipedream: what improvement of houses showed the Rosstat census

Toilet as a pipedream: what improvement of houses showed the Rosstat census

7 января 2023, 11:50
On New Year's Eve, Rosstat still posted the last four volumes of the population census held in 2021. Some figures are shocking: you read - and it's hard to believe that millions of Russians live in the 21st century! First of all, this concerns the quality and engineering equipment of residential buildings.

Sergey LvivIn the corresponding section of the report, the first two digits are surprising.

In total, there are 64,074 million households in Russia. Only 51,471 million people answered the census takers' questions about the availability of "landscaping" in their housing. Why 13 million citizens remained silent is a big mystery. Therefore, we will talk about "improvement" based on an understated figure of almost 20 percent.

As it turned out, 36 million families have separate apartments coveted since the time of Nikita Khrushchev. 14 million 800 thousand are homeowners, and another 616 thousand are huddled in communal apartments. If we assume that we have 2.5 people in an average family, then this is about 1 million 600 thousand citizens. These are the sufferers who, even in the 21st century, experience all the delights of collective life on a daily basis - from queues to the toilet to kitchen scandals and disputes about paying for light in public areas.

However, 12 thousand out of 616 thousand "utilities" did not note the availability of electricity in the questionnaires. Either people were inattentive, or some of them illuminate the rooms with splinters and flashlights. Of the personal households, 137 845 do not have electricity. Even worse - with the electrification of individual apartments, - 474,286 exist without electricity.

However, it is possible that hundreds of thousands of people simply do not consider electricity a factor in the "improvement" of residential premises. After all, the survey was not conducted at the beginning of the 20th century!

But further - more. Anyway, the symbol of civilization since the time of ancient Egypt is considered to be the plumbing and toilet (more precisely, the water closet in the house).

So: 12 million 560 thousand households do not have a centralized cold water supply. And do you think that all of them concern only private homes? It didn't happen at all! 6 million individual apartments and 520 thousand communal apartments have been added to 6 million "waterless" houses.

Yes, about 7 million of them noted that water is obtained from "individual sources" - wells, columns, personal wells. But where the remaining 5.5 million take moisture is a big mystery.

This secret does not explain the next indicator - the presence of hot water. Less than half of households are centrally supplied with it - 24 million 425 thousand. 14 million 566 thousand people heat water with the help of individual heaters. And they're the lucky ones. in comparison with 5 million 621 thousand people who ticked the box "there is no hot water supply". And what is sad: there is no hot water in 1 million 850 thousand individual apartments, and more than 50 thousand communal apartments.

It is not difficult to imagine the quality of such housing. Most likely we are talking about apartment barracks. And this version is clearly confirmed by the "toilet" statistics.

So, 31 million 200 thousand households (about 60 percent of the respondents) have central sewerage (that is, pipes with access to sewage treatment plants). 11 million 800 thousand people use septic tanks and cesspools. They do not have any sewerage ... 2 million 675 thousand households. Well, the reader will say, there is no sewerage, so the good old "birdhouse" is definitely present on the site.

And here it is not!

Rosstat found 117 thousand 597 households without signs of a toilet in the house or on the plot. Explanations for this fact cannot be found within the framework of elementary logic.

There are two related peoples in the world who fundamentally do not use toilets. These are Hindus and Gypsies. It is possible that they, scattered over our one-seventh of the land, spoil not only the ecology, but also statistics, throwing a civilized Eurasian state from the 21st century to the stone age...

However, the inhabitants of 6 million 704 thousand 755 households (which is 16 million 760 thousand people!) who have a toilet "outside the dwelling" are not far from the natives of Hindustan. And okay, it's a pleasure to walk from the bedroom to the "birdhouse" on a good summer day, but what is it like today to celebrate natural needs in a 30-degree frost?!