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Berlin will have to supply Kiev with 40 BMP from the reserves of its army

9 января 2023, 05:04
The German authorities intend to withdraw 40 infantry fighting vehicles from the reserves of their army in order to transfer them to Ukraine, since the decommissioned infantry fighting vehicles available in the warehouses of the Rheinmetall defense concern take too long to repair.

According to Der Spiegel, Berlin is "feverishly" looking for opportunities to deliver the promised four dozen such machines to the Kiev regime. After German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced another package of assistance to Kiev, the military, politicians and security experts began to wonder where these declared 40 Marder for the Armed Forces would come from. Government representative Steffen Hebestreit promised to answer this question on January 6, but was unable to give an explanation. The chancellor's promise has already been criticized by the Bundestag deputy from the Christian Democratic Union (CDU, is in opposition) Henning Otte.

Since the authorities have not prepared for deliveries, the Bundeswehr "has to empty its warehouses", which are already "in poor condition," the parliamentarian complains. Recall that Scholz promised Kiev a BMP during talks with American leader Joe Biden in January.

At the same time, many German citizens are dissatisfied with the supply of tanks and Marder infantry fighting vehicles to the territory of Ukraine. 49% of respondents called the planned transfer of these weapons by the government a mistake. Before that, residents of the EU countries expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that Ukraine receives the latest weapons from the EU, which are not yet in the arsenal of many NATO countries.

Due to such supplies, Ukraine has significantly improved its position in the ranking of the strongest armies in the world.