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Published 9 января, 12:53

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Drivers littering on the roads will be punished with fines using cameras

Drivers littering on the roads will be punished with fines using cameras

9 января 2023, 12:53
Leaving garbage on the side of the road or even in the woods will now become quite expensive

From January 11, Russia will be allowed to fine people using automatic cameras who throw garbage out of cars and trucks, tractors or trailers both on roadsides and in forests, according to a publication on the official website of legal information.

The amount of fines for throwing garbage outside the designated places for individuals will be from 10 to 15 thousand, for officials — from 20 to 30 thousand, for legal entities — from 30 to 50 thousand rubles. Moreover, in case of repeated violation, the amount of the fine will be increased up to 200 thousand rubles, and the car on which the garbage was transported may be confiscated.

This is only one of the amendments to the legislation from a large package that has been put into effect since last summer.

According to the legislators, fixing such violations will occur with the help of special photo traps installed in illegal landfills, but ordinary traffic cameras will not be able to be used for this purpose - a new system will require.

That is why the regional authorities have not yet made statements about any intentions to use cameras to detect such violations, since it is quite difficult to do it purely technically.

It remains unclear whether the cameras will be able to catch the moment when a motorist leaves just a plastic bottle or a bag of garbage on the side of the road. However, the traffic police assures that soon the cameras will "learn" to recognize even the faces of drivers, of course, solely for the purpose of catching a criminal…