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Published 9 января 2023,, 12:53

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East Asian and German economies are recognized as the most complex in the world

East Asian and German economies are recognized as the most complex in the world

9 января 2023, 12:53
Seven states from these cultural clusters are in the top ten of the economic complexity rating at once
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The results of another study by Harvard University scientists turned out to be unexpected: the Czech Republic took the honorable 6th place in the ranking of economic complexity compiled by them. This is a clear sign that the Czech Republic is gradually regaining the place it occupied in the global economy even before the Second World War.

This rating, as you know, is calculated based on the variety and complexity of goods exported by the country. The table shows what the top ten looks like, in which, contrary to expectations, there is neither the USA (12th place), nor China (17th), nor Israel (21st), nor the Netherlands (28th).

Even more unexpected than the 6th place of the Czech Republic was the 19th place of Romania, which over the past 5 years has risen in the ranking by as much as 8 points.

But Taiwan, for obvious political reasons, is not in the ranking.

And one more characteristic feature: Ukraine took 49th place in the list, while Russia - only 51st…

Journalist Ostap Carmody also notes one curious trend: all the first places in the table are occupied by two clearly defined cultural clusters - East Asian (Japan, South Korea, Singapore and probably Taiwan, which, if it were in the ranking, would certainly be in the top five) and German (Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic and Austria).