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Hundreds of residents of Ryazan are left without heating due to an accident on the heating main

9 января 2023, 10:09
The accident at the Diaghilev CHP heating main in Ryazan occurred early in the morning on January 9. Residents of two streets of the city — International and Stankozavodskaya - were left without heating and hot water. Outages affected dozens of homes, as well as schools and kindergartens.

This was announced by the head of the city administration Yelena Sorokina in her Telegram.

She noted that the duty brigade of the Diaghilev CHP has already begun to eliminate the consequences of the accident. According to the head of the city, the gust on the heating main is very strong. It led to a decrease in pressure in the system. By now, specialists have managed to localize the damaged area. It is planned to replace the pipe on this site until the evening.

Now specialists are working on raising the pressure in the network to restore heat supply. To date, it has been possible to restore heat in social institutions and a number of residential buildings. 19 more apartment buildings remain without heating. It is planned to fully restore the heat supply by nine o'clock in the evening.

On behalf of the governor of the region, the city authorities began to conduct an apartment-by-apartment inspection of residents of houses where there is no heating. They will be offered, if necessary, to stay in temporary accommodation.