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The OSCE Secretary General did not support the exclusion of the Russian Federation from the organization

9 января 2023, 09:20
OSCE Secretary General Helga Schmid said that it makes sense for Russia to remain a member of the organization. She stated this in an interview with Welt.

"In any case, from today's point of view, I think it makes sense for Russia to remain a member of the OSCE", - Schmid said, quoted by Handelsblatt.She stressed that Russia's membership in the OSCE does not mean that the organization agrees with Moscow's actions.

At the same time, the need to preserve communication channels that "will be needed again one day" is noted. Schmid recalled that the OSCE remains the only organization uniting all parties important for preserving the security architecture in Europe.The Group was founded during the Cold War (in 1973) by countries with different interests in order to prevent escalation.

It includes 57 states, including Russia, Ukraine, the United States, Great Britain, and Germany.According to RBC, the issue of Russia's exclusion from the organization was raised by the Ukrainian side, whose representatives announced their intention to boycott the work of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov also said that NATO's expansion course had devalued the work of the OSCE. In his opinion, the organization is subordinate to the United States and Brussels, which have taken "a course of comprehensive support for the Kiev regime in its policy of eradicating all Russian."