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Bloomberg: Russian oil sells for $38

10 января 2023, 04:19
Russian oil is sold much cheaper than the ceiling set by Western countries, its cost is half lower than world prices, according to Bloomberg analysts.

According to the agency, on January 6, Russian Urals crude oil was traded in the port of Primorsk for $37.80 per barrel, while the benchmark Brent was worth $78.57 per barrel. World oil prices are rising amid the weakening of anti-bullying measures in China. At the same time, the day before it was reported about the spot price for Urals at $ 52.57 per barrel - it went up by 0.29%. The Argus agency, which Bloomberg refers to, links the fall in the price of Russian fuel to the fact that the EU embargo and price restrictions have made Moscow dependent on Beijing and New Delhi.

Russia is forced to trade oil at a significant discount in order to compete with Middle Eastern supplies. Recall that the embargo began to take effect on December 5 last year.

At the same time, the price ceiling for Russian raw materials announced by the "Big Seven" came into force. Moscow has banned the sale of oil to anyone who will adhere to the price limit.