Posted 10 января 2023,, 10:41

Published 10 января 2023,, 10:41

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Book publishing house accused of LGBT propaganda

Book publishing house accused of LGBT propaganda

10 января 2023, 10:41
In relation to the book publishing house "Popcorn Books", the first administrative case in the country was initiated under the article on propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations. This was announced by the chairman of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy Alexander Khinshtein.

The case against the publishing house was initiated on December 28 after a deputy request. In addition to promoting non-traditional sexual relations, the publishing house is also accused of petty hooliganism, the deputy said.

He recalled that this publishing house promotes LGBT literature in the country. "After the entry into force of our laws banning LGBT propaganda, Popcorn Books not only continued to sell such books, but also defiantly began to decorate their covers with quotations from Article 29 of the Constitution, which guarantees freedom of speech and the prohibition of censorship," the deputy added.

Popcorn Books is a Moscow publishing house. Its official website notes that the publishing house produces fiction books on "uncomfortable" topics. Among them are the problems of self-identification and attitude to one's own body.

Earlier in December, laws came into force in the country prohibiting the promotion of non-traditional sexual relations, information that encourages sex change, as well as pedophilia. Fines are imposed for these violations.