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Published 10 января 2023,, 06:21

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In Khabarovsk, the landing gear of the plane burst during landing

In Khabarovsk, the landing gear of the plane burst during landing

10 января 2023, 06:21
When landing at the Khabarovsk airport, the landing gear of the plane burst. Due to the incident, the airport had to be temporarily closed.

According to the Khabarovsk Airlines airline, the plane operating flight 468 on the route Sovetskaya Gavan — Khabarovsk could not be accepted due to the incident: it was returned to the coast of the Tatar Strait, to the alternate airfield.

"The reason is the temporary closure of one of the runways of the airfield in Khabarovsk. When landing one of the aircraft at the Khabarovsk airport, the pneumatics on the chassis were destroyed. The evacuation of the aircraft from the first runway is being prepared", - the message says.

After the evacuation of the plane at the airport, the rejected board from Sovetskaya Gavan at 15.10 local time took off again and headed for Khabarovsk again: they promised to put it on the second lane, which was urgently opened.

There are no more delays in the reception and departure of flights, RIA VladNews notes.

Information about the details of the emergency is being clarified. The second runway at Khabarovsk Airport is open for receiving and releasing aircraft.

The UK began checking on the incident with the plane. According to the Eastern MSUT of the UK, there were three crew members on board the Khabavia aircraft, there were no injuries.
"The Khabarovsk Investigative Department for the transport of the Eastern MSUT of the IC of the Russian Federation is conducting a pre-investigation check under Article 263 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (violation of the rules of traffic safety and operation of air transport). Currently, an inspection of the scene of the accident, the aircraft, crew interviews, and other verification measures aimed at establishing all the circumstances of the incident are being carried out", - RIA Novosti reports the agency.

Earlier it was reported that Russian airlines lost almost a quarter of the fleet in a year — planes lined up for cannibalization. Pilots are also leaving aviation — they now have "earnings below the baseboard." But the most important result: all over the world, Russia is now recognized as a country that can no longer ensure flight safety.

Quite a few companies have completely ceased to exist. For example, Abakan Avia, the leader of ABC air transportation (AirBridgeCargo — ed.) has completely ceased to exist, the Royal Flight company (became the first of the Russian airlines to stop all flights after its own, — ed.), where all pilots are completely dismissed. Large companies such as S7, Siberia, and Aeroflot are trying to keep the flight crew ready to fly there, but in an exceptionally humiliating way. The pilots who fly in these companies have humiliating working conditions and earnings below any baseboard that could be seen, experts say.