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In Moscow, the father of a disabled child with the company's armor and sick leave was mobilized

10 января 2023, 08:18

In Moscow, the father of a disabled child was mobilized, with the company's armor and sick leave

In theory, Andrei Borzakov, a communications worker from Moscow, has three iron reasons for postponing at once. A disabled child in care, a reservation from the company, an open sick leave on the date of conscription. In addition, there is no combat experience and an unemployed wife on maternity leave. For the military commissar, as it turned out, all these are empty words

Anna Snezhina

The summons for Andrei Borzakov on the first day of the announced partial mobilization, September 23, was brought to the registration address in Moscow to the janitor of the GBU "Zhilishchnik", for which the mother signed.

Andrey himself, his wife Maria and his five-year-old son actually lived in the Moscow region. After the fact, the family discovered that there was no number or series on the agenda. Was such a paper valid?

The purpose of the invitation was to "verify information about the military registration of a citizen". Fully confident that some ridiculous mistake had been made, Andrei Borzakov went to the Kuzmin Commissariat of Moscow to prove his case. I took with me a "pink certificate" for a disabled child, an open sick list printed from Public Services and confirmation of submitting an application for a postponement from service on the state portal.However, the military commissar of the Kuzmin military enlistment office rejected all attempts to attach a package of documents on the move.

Instead, he issued a summons – it obliged him to appear assembled the very next morning, September 24. Mobilisation. As Andrei's wife and mother told "NI", the draft commission did not even formally bother to conduct a medical examination.

So a man, equipped with a lot of certificates confirming his right to a postponement, who had neither combat experience nor a military department behind him, in a matter of days found himself with a duffel bag on a train going to the Belgorod region. The military train was moving slowly, with stops for several days, all this time the mobilized were not released from the wagons. By the end of the first week, it became impossible to ignore that all passengers were ill with colds. The train was quarantined in the Nizhny Novgorod region. In the camp in the village of Mulino, at the same time, medical assistance was not provided to the servicemen, they were treated with what was still left in stocks from home. Today, private Borzakov has been sent by echelon to Belarus, to the training unit. For more than three months, since he left home, he has not been able to properly heal and recover, says his wife Maria.

In the case of the Borzakovs, attention is attracted not just by the indifference of all official instances in which the spouses sought the truth, but also by the Jesuitical cause-and-effect relationships turned inside out, with which officials allegedly prove the "legality and validity" of the decision on conscription.


"I do not work, I am in the status of a parent caring for a disabled child. For the first two months, he and I survived only thanks to the fact that we got help from my husband's previous job. But the main difficulty is not even in money. It is really difficult to take care of a child with autism alone, with a severe lag in psycho-speech development. The son constantly cries, asks where dad is, misses him, he fell asleep only with him. The child's condition is deteriorating. Rehabilitation without a dad is also difficult. For example, just to take blood from a vein, we held our son together so that he would not break out and fight in a fit. It's hard without male strength", - says Maria "NI".

What do the families in the Kuzminsky district military enlistment office of Moscow think about these life difficulties?

"The statement is not accompanied by the conclusion of the social security authorities of Moscow at the place of registration or residence on establishing the fact that a disabled child is dependent and confirming the status of a citizen caring for a family member with a disability", - Vladimir Dvorak, commissioner of the Kuzminsky district of Moscow, writes in his response to the complaint. The Moscow Government, in a soldier's way, without questions, fully agreed with the line of the military enlistment office: an autistic child is not an obstacle to military service!

Why is that? And because if you have not applied to the children's polyclinic at the place of residence for a year, then maybe this child of yours is not so sick, and in general you will still prove that you have it:

"The child, A.A. Borzakov, born in 2017, is not attached to the state budgetary healthcare institution of the city of Moscow "Children's City Polyclinic No. 143 of the Department of Health", has not applied for medical help, is not listed in the Unified Register of Insured Persons", - the first deputy head of the Department replies in his letter regional security and anti-corruption of the city of Moscow Vasily Oleinik. The same useless piece of paper as the children's "pink certificate" turned out to be a reservation from the employer.


Andrey Borzakov actually worked in the state budgetary institution of Moscow "System 112" - the company, in accordance with the licenses of federal services, is a communications operator, and the employee Borzakov himself, as indicated in the certificate, "is involved in ensuring the stability, safety and integrity of the functioning of communication facilities, data centers, as well as facilities and lines public communications of the Russian Federation".

The application for exemption from conscription within the framework of partial mobilization of an employee as a representative of telecom and IT companies was answered by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation - inclusion in the corresponding list was confirmed.

Director of GBU "System 112" Sergey Shevchuk, when he learned about the risk of losing his employee, went to the military commissar Dvorak for a personal reception. On Saturday, the day Borzakov was taken away, the chief was not allowed on the threshold. They advised me to wait until Monday - they say, don't you see that we are very busy so far, we are mobilizing, not up to you and not up to receptions.

Subsequently, the military commissar confirmed that Borzakov was on the lists for postponement. The problem is that the General Staff included the man in the list only on September 28, and it took to send a person to the service earlier – on September 27! And the slow employer in general only brought the original on October 14! In a word, who goes ahead, he needs more!

Is it possible to find logic in the explanations of the military enlistment office? And it is such that whoever signed the paper first, he zeroed and delegitimized all subsequent papers of "competitors":

"The lists of employees of the GBU "Sistema 112", sent by the instruction of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, received by the military commissariat of the Kuzminsky district on October 14, 2022, were submitted on the same day for consideration by the draft commission for the mobilization of municipalities of the Southern Administrative District of Moscow <...>, the grounds for granting a deferral from the draft commission for mobilization on the date of decision 27 September 2022 were absent," writes Military Commissar Vladimir Dvorak.


To heighten the gloom, he, Dvorak, reports that he nevertheless sent a notification to the commander of the military unit where Andrey Borzakov now serves that he, as an information technology worker, is included in the List of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation for a postponement.

The dog is buried where? It's all about the established form of data submission. A valid recall from military service is danced not with a notification, but with the petition of the military commissar. Bottom line: Dvorak refuses to write a petition for recall, and the commander of the military unit cannot accept a report on dismissal without a petition…

Finally, the story with the disability sheet turned out to be absolutely fantastic.

The military commissar Dvorak took it for granted that an ordinary reserve soldier who came to him voluntarily was on sick leave, all in the same spirit fastidiously neglected. But how can you overcome the bare fact, sealed and pen-inscribed in the EMIAS system? It turns out that you can easily.

The doctor examines Borzakov's patient on September 19 and prescribes bed rest.

"The diagnosis was established: ARVI. Prescribed drug therapy: antiviral, symptomatic. The disability certificate No. 910 138 967 883 was issued from 09/19/2022 to 09/26/2022", the doctor of the branch No. 1 of the City Polyclinic No. 23 of the Moscow Department of Health Yelena Sdobnikova records. Further, outside forces interfere in the course of events.

In less than a week, the military commissar Dvorak appeals to the Department of Health directly, writes an official paper (!) with a request to somehow cancel the illness of the patient he is interested in. "Assistants" in white coats willingly help the patient to recover quickly in a grenade launcher. The issued sick leave is simply canceled, a new one is issued under the number No. 910 143 780 852, and magically the discharge happens two days earlier – on September 24, exactly to the date of the commission that ordered Borzakov's conscription. The medical commission of the branch No. 1 of the GBUZ "City Polyclinic No. 23" calls the current situation "abnormal", and the rewritten sick list is a "duplicate" and does not even think to hide that the fraud was made retroactively – 11.10.2022.We simply attach this chronicle to your review so that you do not consider us storytellers:


Andrey Borzakov's wife Maria filed complaints with the higher Military Commissariat of Moscow, the Ombudsmen for Children's Rights and Human Rights, the Military Prosecutor's Office, the Investigative Committee, and the presidential administration. Half of the instances are in no hurry to respond and have not met the 30-day deadline set by the law. And the court without the position of the higher military enlistment office or the prosecutor's office set out in the paper will be idle, Maria explains.

The spouse expects that at some stage of complaints this obvious absurdity will be stopped, and the husband will be returned home.

The mother who signed the summons for her son still cannot believe that it is possible to take a man into the army so easily, while they invited him just to check his sick leave.