Posted 10 января 2023,, 06:12

Published 10 января 2023,, 06:12

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In Norilsk, the plane rolled out of the runway

In Norilsk, the plane rolled out of the runway

10 января 2023, 06:12
At the Norilsk airport, the NordStar Boeing plane rolled off the runway, the West Siberian Transport Prosecutor's Office said. The supervisory authority organized a check of the aviation incident.

The plane was supposed to fly to Moscow. On January 10 at 9 o'clock in the morning "when performing a U-turn to the executive start", the aircraft rolled out of the runway by about three meters. There were 116 passengers and six crew members on board. All passengers were placed in the terminal building, the plane was towed to the parking lot to assess the technical condition.

The airport is operating normally. In Norilsk on January 10, about -40°C was recorded.