Posted 10 января 2023,, 13:43

Published 10 января 2023,, 13:43

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Secret documents were found in Biden's personal safe outside the White House

Secret documents were found in Biden's personal safe outside the White House

10 января 2023, 13:43
At the Penn Biden Center analytical center, Joe Biden's confidants accidentally discovered documents marked "top secret", forgotten in his personal safe during the time when he served as vice president of the United States from 2009 to 2017.

As told by Reuters with reference to the CBS News channel, Biden was immediately informed about the find. It happened in early November, on the eve of the midterm congressional elections, and we decided not to make a fuss about it. The president's lawyers quietly notified about the embarrassment the US National Archives, insisting that the 10 secret papers found were not the subject of inquiries or investigations.

By the way, CBS sources did not specify what level of secrecy the found papers belong to. But Biden's lawyers said that the documents "do not contain nuclear secrets."

Interestingly, according to the defense, the journalists of the TV channel learned that President Biden himself allegedly does not know what these documents are and how they got into his safe.

US Attorney General Merrick Garland has ordered an investigation into how secret documents ended up in the building of the analytical center. The check is a preliminary step, after which the head of the Ministry of Justice will have to decide whether further investigation is necessary, as well as the appointment of a special prosecutor who would deal with this case.

Earlier, a similar situation occurred with the discovery of official documents from Donald Trump. In October, the American media reported on the seizure of secret documents from the estate of the former US president that contained "sensitive intelligence" about Iran and China. During the search, agents found more than 100 papers containing classified information.

Trump claims that there can be no violation on his part, since he, as president, had the authority to declassify all the documents in his possession. The exception could be materials related to the nuclear sphere.

"It begs the question: when is the FBI going to conduct searches in many houses belonging to Biden, perhaps even in the White House? After all, the documents found in the Penn Biden Center have definitely not been declassified yet," a satisfied Trump wrote in a post on his Truth Social platform.