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Paris will present a draft reform to raise the retirement age to 64 years

10 января 2023, 10:49
On January 10, French Prime Minister Elisabeth Born will officially present a detailed draft pension reform to raise the retirement age to 64. Previously proposed innovations caused a wide wave of discontent among trade unions.

Currently, citizens in the republic retire upon reaching the age of 62. The authorities of the country were going to raise this threshold to 65 years, but then decided to offer 64 years. French leader Emmanuel Macron explained that after the draft is presented, trade unions, social associations and parties will be able to exchange views with the authorities on the reform.

According to the authorities, changes are needed because life expectancy in France has increased, and such a measure will make the country's pension system financially stable. Trade unions disagree with this need, on January 10, representatives of these associations are going to take to the streets in protest.