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Published 10 января 05:13

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Vladimir Putin's New Year's address has gathered the minimum audience in three years

10 января 2023, 05:13
The New Year's address of Russian President Vladimir Putin was watched by 44.6% of Russian viewers.

Such data is provided by RBC, referring to the company Mediascope. The indicator turned out to be the lowest in the last three years. For example, in 2021 (45.1%) and 2020 (45.5%), the percentage was higher, but in 2018 and 2019, fewer citizens watched the president's address - 44% and 43.6%, respectively. This time, the president violated the format of the address - Vladimir Putin was not standing against the background of the Kremlin, but surrounded by the military. The nine-minute video was recorded at the headquarters of the Southern Military District in Rostov-on-Don. Over the past five years, more Russians have watched the president's address on Channel One than on the Rossiya channel - 14.3% versus 9%.

The study was conducted in large Russian cities and reached an audience of over 100 thousand Russians.

Meanwhile, Russians began to watch less TV in general.

From February to June 2022, the coverage of Channel One fell from 33.7 to 25.5%, Rossiya 1 — from 30.9 to 23%, NTV — from 21.1 to 16.6%. At the same time, citizens spend more time on YouTube.