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Published 10 января 16:42

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Vologda deputy Dolzhenko was expelled from the supporters of United Russia party because of a photo from Dubai

10 января 2023, 16:42
The Presidium of the General Council of United Russia expelled deputy of the Vologda Regional Duma Denis Dolzhenko from the party's supporters because he "committed actions discrediting the party".

Earlier today, the secretary of the General Council of United Russia, Andrey Turchak, promised to deprive him of his party card, but it turned out that the parliamentarian was non-partisan.

"The United Russia faction in the legislative assembly of the region was also recommended to exclude Denis Dolzhenko from its membership and decide to dismiss him from the post of deputy chairman of the standing committee on economic Policy and Property', - the party said in a statement. Dolzhenko posted a photo from a run in Dubai on his social network page.

The deputy indicated the appropriate geolocation. In the caption to the photo it was said: "I don't ski very well, and running in such a cold is not very comfortable". Turchak in response to this said that the parliamentarian "lost touch with reality". According to the deputy, there is nothing reprehensible in his act, since "there is no ban on visiting other countries, which means there are no violations of the law on the status of a deputy".