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Published 11 января 07:05

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A cabin with a ton of diesel fuel exploded in New Moscow: six cars burned down (VIDEO)

11 января 2023, 07:05
A large fire started in New Moscow near the Rasskazovka metro station: a cabin where a ton of diesel fuel was stored caught fire on a construction site located next to housing and a parking lot.

According to the telegram channel Shot, in the parking lot located next to residential high-rise buildings, the fire has already spread to six cars.

"The fuel spilled about 200 meters into the storm drain", - the report says.

Eyewitnesses claim that they have already heard two loud explosions. Representatives of emergency services went to the place.

The causes and circumstances of the emergency are being clarified. There is no data on the injured people yet.

The day before, two large fires at warehouses occurred in the capital region at once. More than 200 people had to be evacuated from one of the territories on Dobrolyubov Street. It took three hours to extinguish the fire, the elimination of which had to involve a helicopter. The street next to the place of emergency had to be blocked. As a result of the fire, the roof of the building collapsed. None of the people were injured. The causes of the fire are being investigated.