Posted 11 января 2023,, 04:57

Published 11 января 2023,, 04:57

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Foreign Policy: Ankara transfers American-style cluster bombs to Kiev

Foreign Policy: Ankara transfers American-style cluster bombs to Kiev

11 января 2023, 04:57
Since November last year, Turkey has been supplying Ukraine with American-style cluster munitions, the authors of the publication said in Foreign Policy, referring to representatives of the United States and the European Union.

"Since the end of 2022, Turkey has started sending to Ukraine US-developed cluster bombs used in artillery", - the article says. These weapons were manufactured during the Cold War.

They were intended to "destroy Russian tanks and military personnel on the battlefield." One of the interlocutors of the publication said that Turkey "turned out to be the only place" where Kiev was able to get cluster munitions after Washington refused such supplies.  Ankara made the decision "after several months when Kiev begged the administration of the American president Joe Biden to provide ammunition".

Recall that cluster bombs explode in the air, scattering hundreds of explosive small bombs around. For a long time, unexploded bombs pose a danger to those who encounter them. Such weapons are prohibited to use in accordance with the Oslo Convention, adopted in August 2010.

The day before it was reported that Sweden will transfer Archer self-propelled artillery units to Ukraine. Last year, the Swedish Parliament approved the transfer of military equipment to Ukraine, including an air defense system, worth over $287 million. Archer installations, which were previously required by the Ukrainian side, were not included in the assistance package. This time, Sweden did not name the timing and volume of Archer deliveries.