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In the USA, 760 flights were canceled due to a malfunction in the pilot notification system

11 января 2023, 12:34
Air traffic has been temporarily suspended in the United States: 760 flights have already been canceled due to a malfunction in the emergency warning system for pilots about danger.

According to Kommersant, with reference to data from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), there is a failure in the national pilot notification system NOTAM.

The purpose of the NOTAM is to notify pilots of a possible danger during the flight. It was not possible to fix the problem urgently. Experts are engaged in restoring the system's operability and testing it.

"The work of the national air traffic control system has been affected", - the publication quotes the regulator's statement.

If the system cannot be restored promptly, the failure will cause a delay and cancellation of many flights throughout the country.