Posted 11 января 2023,, 07:21

Published 11 января 2023,, 07:21

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Updated 11 января 2023,, 10:10

Licensed Intel software is available to Russians again

Licensed Intel software is available to Russians again

11 января 2023, 07:21
Users with a Russian IP will again be able to download licensed Intel software without resorting to a VPN. An American company has allowed downloading software for Russians from its official website.

"The official website of the company is really opening in Russia", - Mobile Research Group analyst Eldar Murtazin announced in an interview with Izvestia. On February 25 last year, Intel banned users with Russian IP addresses from visiting its website.

Now she could lift the ban because it affected not only Russians, but also foreign firms that operate in Russia. Last December, Microsoft allowed Russians to download the latest version of Windows from its official website.

Previously, it was possible to download the OS only when using a VPN.