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Putin announced Russia's "sufficient resources" to solve the problems of the army

11 января 2023, 13:12
Russian President Vladimir Putin has promised that the current authorities of the country will increase Russia's defense capability and solve all problems related to the material support of the military participating in a special military operation (SMO).

"We reliably guarantee the security and interests of the country, we will increase our defense capability, of course, we will solve all problems related to the provision of the Armed Forces, units involved in a special military operation", - Interfax quoted Putin as saying.

The President said that along with solving the problems of the military, the authorities will continue to implement "large-scale socio-economic programs and plans aimed at improving people's well-being, unlocking Russia's enormous potential, and expanding our international relations".

Putin said this during a meeting with members of the Russian government. He stressed that the Russia has all the necessary resources for this.

Earlier, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin announced the solution of problems with the material support of the participants of the SMO. At the end of December, he assured that the supply of weapons and body armor for the participants of the special military operation had been established.

"This was achieved thanks to the prompt identification and elimination of a number of technological obstacles in production processes, both for the organizations of the military-industrial complex themselves, and for those who participate in cooperation with them in the framework of fulfilling orders for the participants of the SMO", - he explained.

Earlier, complaints were received from the regions about the lack of equipment of mobilized citizens.