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A third of citizens named pensions and benefits as sources of their income

12 января 2023, 08:04
About 45% of Russians live on a salary, 33% receive state payments, every fourth is a dependent.

According to RBC, referring to Rosstat data, salary and social benefits, as well as pensions. An extremely small proportion of citizens earn their own business. At the census, 87% of citizens indicated sources of income.

According to these data, 58.4 million people receive salaries - 39.6% of the total population, or 45% of the sources indicated. One in three (33% of respondents, or 42.7 million people) claimed benefits as a source of income. Citizens aged 20-59 years live on a salary, on benefits older than 60 years.

About 31 million people specified that pensions, allowances and other payments are their main source of livelihood. Only 2.4% of respondents stated about the availability of income from entrepreneurial activity.

Scholarships, savings and dividends, rental of property, as well as income from patents and copyrights turned out to be the least common sources of income.