Posted 12 января 2023,, 13:33

Published 12 января 2023,, 13:33

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Media: VK will dismiss employees who have left, who refuse to return to Russia

Media: VK will dismiss employees who have left, who refuse to return to Russia

12 января 2023, 13:33
VK employees who continue to work for the company from abroad may be fired if they refuse to return to Russia.

According to RBC, data about this appeared on the state channel "We can explain". Now VK employees do some of the work from home, and some from the office. This is due to access "to certain resources that ensure the security of data of users, employees and contractors."

The company explained that there are not enough IT specialists on the market, so not all companies are ready to dismiss those who have left. At the same time, in a number of banks and state institutions, some employees with access to critical data can work only from the office. There is no talk about the imminent dismissal of those who left VK yet. But those who stay abroad will be advised by employers to either return or switch to projects that do not imply access to important data.

Market participants do not exclude that employees of the IT sector, including VK, may receive warnings about the need to return to the country or start looking for a new job during the current quarter.

"A source in VK management told the channel that the heads of departments were instructed to return remotely working employees to Russia due to server security issues and unwillingness to allow leaks," the report says.

Earlier, proposals to ban remote work for Russians who left the country were expressed in the State Duma and the Federation Council.

However, the Ministry of Finance pointed out that there are already too few IT specialists to "throw away" valuable personnel. If restrictions are introduced, then critical specialists will simply quit and go to work with foreign competitors, which threatens the Russian IT sector with failure in solving the tasks set.