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Published 12 января 04:30

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Moscow pharmacies have run out of children's "Ibuprofen" in the form of suppositories

12 января 2023, 04:30
The drug is included in the list of vital medicines.

As I write "Vedomosti", referring to the data of the pharmacy chains of the capital and the drug search service, the drug is missing in the aggregators "Zdravcity" and "Eaptek". In addition, it cannot be purchased at pharmacies "Melody of Health", "Pharmacy chain 36,6", "Rigla", "Be healthy", "Doctor Stoletov" and "Pharmacy Ozerki". According to the Aptekamos search engine, this form of ibuprofen can be found in one pharmacy in the Moscow region. The Ministry of Industry and Trade stated that as of January 8, 2023, 14.9 thousand packages of ibuprofen in the form of suppositories remain in Russian pharmacies and distributors.

Representatives of the department and the "Honest Sign" could not explain why the drug is not available in pharmacies. The Ministry of Health and Roszdravnadzor did not respond to the request of the publication.

At the same time, interruptions in the supply of the drug were confirmed by the chief physician of the medical center "Leader-medicine", pediatrician-infectious disease specialist Yevgeny Timakov. He pointed out that the situation arose in early January due to the high demand for medicine used by children of different ages, including those with disabilities - the drug is used when children cannot take medicine in other forms.