Posted 13 января 2023,, 09:30

Published 13 января 2023,, 09:30

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A digital copy of the driver's license has appeared in the application "State Auto Services"

A digital copy of the driver's license has appeared in the application "State Auto Services"

13 января 2023, 09:30
The Ministry of Finance has announced the appearance of a new function in the application "Public Services Auto": now the driver's license can be stored and presented electronically.

Along with the rights in the application, you can store a digital copy of the vehicle registration certificate (STS). Usually, when stopping a car on the highway, traffic police officers demand these two documents from drivers first of all.

If the driver forgot his license at home and was stopped by traffic police representatives, then the motorist may be given an oral warning or a fine of 500 rubles. The inspector can determine whether you have a valid certificate in the electronic database according to the data of the civil passport. Now it will be easier for Russians to confirm the legality of driving a car.

As Interfax notes, in order to present digital rights and STS, you need to select a driver's license or the desired STS in the application and click "Show documents". A QR-code will appear on the screen. The traffic police inspector counts it through a special program: the data will be automatically downloaded from the database of the State Traffic Inspectorate. This feature is available even without internet access.

In addition to the rights and STS through the service, you can issue a Euro protocol online, pay or appeal fines, check the car before the transaction, as well as sign up for registration of a new car or for the replacement of rights with an expiring expiration date. The application "State Auto Services", developed by the Ministry of Finance together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, has already been downloaded by more than 2.5 million drivers."

At the same time, the Ministry of Internal Affairs advised not to rush to switch exclusively to electronic presentation of rights, since the presence of a digital copy does not cancel the obligation to have a driver's license and a certificate of registration of the vehicle in its original form. This requirement is fixed in paragraph 2.1.1. of the traffic regulations.