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Fathers who have three children were denied a deferment from conscription during mobilization

13 января 2023, 08:14
The deferment from mobilization for fathers with three children has been canceled. Only fathers with four children or more can still obtain it.

This was reported by State Duma deputy Nina Ostanina.

The day before, she met with a member of the Human Rights Council Irina Kirkora, who confirmed that the paragraph of the Directive of the General Staff of October 4, 2022 on deferrals for large families with three children was canceled. According to her, the notification of the cancellation of this item was sent to the military enlistment offices at the end of December.

The deputy assured that since the partial mobilization in the country has ended, fathers with three children will no longer be called. However, as the deputy suggested, the cancellation of this paragraph of the directive means that fathers with three children who were previously called up for service will remain in the zone of the special operation.

Information about the cancellation of this paragraph of the directive was also confirmed by the military commissar of the Trans-Baikal Territory, Yuri Shuvalov. "The decision to grant a postponement to fathers with many children was canceled by the Chief of the General Staff by a decision of December 21. The document of October 4 has been completely canceled," he told the <url> publication.

The Kremlin could not confirm this information. "Nothing is known", Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation, explained to the telegram channel "Caution Media".

Recall that partial mobilization in the country was announced on September 21, 2022. Initially, only fathers with four or more children with many children received the right to delay. Later, the General Staff sent an instruction to the military enlistment offices to grant a deferral for fathers with three children under 16 years old. Amendments to the law on mobilization were submitted to the State Duma for consideration, which provided for the granting of a postponement to large families with three children, but the deputies were unable to adopt these amendments.