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In Belgorod village, as a result of Ukrainian shelling, every second house is damaged

13 января 2023, 12:22
More than half of the houses have already been damaged as a result of shelling of the border village of Zhuravlevka in the Belgorod region from Ukraine. This was announced by the governor of the region Vyacheslav Gladkov.

Of the 540 houses in the village, 283 have destruction. A number of houses will be demolished, as they are no longer subject to restoration, the governor said.

Most of the villagers have already left their homes. There are still nine people in the village who flatly refuse to leave. "Everyone has their own reason not to leave. Raisa Fyodorovna will turn 82 on January 21. She takes care of nine cats, four chickens and two dogs, one of which is already 12 years old. No matter how they tried to persuade her to move to a temporary accommodation facility, she flatly refuses to abandon the animals. The products are brought by the guys from the DND (voluntary people's squads — ed.) and a neighbor. As Raisa Fedorovna says about herself: "I, born in the war, am hardened", - the governor wrote.

The second family does not want to leave the village not only because of the animals.  The family has a large garden here, where up to 300 kilograms of apples are grown per season. "Pavel Ivanovich has firewood, there is coal. The car too. Therefore, the head of the village has an agreement with him that as soon as it gets really bad, he should immediately leave," the governor added.

The border village of Zhuravlevka is under fire almost every day. The attacks became more frequent this fall. The terrorist danger level has been raised in the region since April. During the special operation, dozens of houses were damaged in border villages, there are injured and dead.